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Helen Wyman – A Winning Return to the UK

18 Oct

Having seen the Ryder Cup golf tournament become a total wash out last weekend at the Celtic manor in Newport Wales I thought it would be safe to assume that this weekends national trophy in Abergavenny a mere 20 kms away would be a mud bath. Well Stef’s great saying ‘assumption is the mother of all f*** ups’ came true and by some crazy Welsh weather not even seen in the heights of summer dried the entire football field and venue leaving me on the sluggish tyre choice of the year.

I have on a previous occasion mentioned the car issues that the entire house experienced in one very cold and snowy week back in January this year. Well after spending a fortune on the same car that we had fixed during the last 6 months it decided it wasn’t enough and died again, thankfully outside our house after we arrived home from a race.

Being car less we had to travel back to England on the Eurostar, a simple task for two grown adults, except luggage had to be one bike bag and a suitcase. At this point any American/Canadian reading this will scoff at my predicament as they all travel with only this to every race they have ever ridden in the world and have never had a problem. However I was a lot more like the people on the TV show ‘escape to the country’ who tell lovely Ben Shephard that they want to downsize, when in fact they want the same size house and grounds just for less money and with 2 of the bedrooms made bigger. I was not a happy bunny, although Stef did point out that his mum will do the washing as often as requested and it may even get ironed and put back in our room without a request, so only taking 3 tops is sufficient for one week.

This led to my original part of this blog, I’m a women so at the end of the day if it’s possible to elongate a story in any way I will without missing a single detail. I had to make a choice as to which 2 pairs of wheels to take to England. Abergavenny + Wales + rain + Ryder Cup = muds. My lovely shiny new dura-ace wheels lovingly hung in the hallway with brand new tubs were going to have to stay there for another week slightly dejected and now harbouring a jealousy for the muds who took an adventure to Wales.

So off to England we went, via train, found a new car, bought said car and travelled to Wales. At this point I have to mention I went to the bike show in Earls Court too, went on the main stage with Annie Last for an interview about womens cycling and saw Ian Armstrong, a TV presenter at the train station. Although Stef had seen Sir/Lord Alan Sugar and Mario Cipolini the previous day making my celebrity spot pretty ‘Z’ list. On arriving in Wales late on Saturday night I was pleased to see a little bit of rain on the windscreens of the boy racers hanging out at the Macdonalds drive through or should I say ‘thru’ attached to our high quality hotel and fully expected at least a little bit of mud from the course.

When I came to the race it was dry, and grassy and very grippy with a grass start. I’m not opposed to this just not used to it, although to make it a truly authentic 1980’s race should probably have had all the riders starting in one long line. Anyway the race went well, I managed to borrow a standard tread rear wheel for one bike from our good friend Martin and won by over 2 minutes. It was the first win of the season which made me really happy. It’s always good to go to a race with less pressure the weekend before a world cup where you can catch up with friends and family with the worlds best jacket potato stand.

My next races are the world cups in Switzerland and Czech Republic, followed by a great week of racing in Nacht Van Woerden, Zonhoven and Koppenberg. So till then.

Thanks to Dave Haygarth for photograph.